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Intuitive Booking Widgets for Local Destinations

Our project started with a bold objective from our client to enable local destinations to sell activities directly on their sites. We faced several challenges, such as integrating a customizable booking widget into various website architectures, ensuring language consistency, and providing secure payment processing.


Our solution involved a sophisticated language detection system to automatically adapt the widget to the user’s local language and a secure interaction layer to protect payment transactions. The widget was highly customizable, allowing changes in colors, typography, and more to match branding. We also enabled support for multiple payment options like Apple Pay and Google Pay via Stripe’s JavaScript SDK.


The outcome was a seamless booking experience for users and easy integration for partners, driven by technologies like Vue.js, TypeScript, and Webpack. This tool has not only achieved our client’s vision but also advanced how local destinations interact with customers online, encouraging more innovation and growth in the leisure industry.


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