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Revamping Log Management To Derive Meaningful Insights

Discover how Nirman TechLab empowered a vibrant startup in the travel industry to overcome their technical hurdles and streamline their operations. This case study showcases our journey with a client who has revolutionized the tourism market by providing a comprehensive digital platform for local authorities, service vendors, and travelers. Facing the challenge of managing a complex system of micro-services, our client struggled with log management, a critical component for optimizing service delivery and troubleshooting.


Learn how our tailored solution, utilizing cutting-edge technologies like GoLang, AWS OpenSearch, Fluentd, and Kubernetes, simplified the intricate process of log collection, organization, and analysis. This innovative approach not only made their data more accessible and meaningful but also ensured compliance with local data storage regulations. By centralizing and clarifying their data, we enabled our client to gain valuable insights into their operations, enhancing service quality and customer satisfaction.


This case study is a testament to Nirman TechLab’s commitment to solving intricate technical challenges and propelling businesses forward. See how our strategic interventions can lead to significant improvements in operational efficiency and growth. For an in-depth look at how we achieved this transformation, fill out the contact form to download the full case study. Let us show you how to take your business to the next level.